Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris the new music royalty? We ship it.

Watch out Queen B and Jay-Z you have officially been dethrowned now that currently music supremo Taylor Swift has hooked up with Scottish super star DJ Calvin Harris.

Singularly they’re both power players in the world of pop but as a couple their worth has sky rocketed right to the top of the Forbes list of highest paid celebrities. The numbers are staggering, beyond anything any of us could ever imagine. Make sure you sit down before you continue reading.

Collectively both Tay Tay and Harris amass earnings of around $146 million. Yes you read that right. But don’t feel too sorry for B and Jay – Z, I’d say they are still doing alright with their measly sum of $110 million. Followed in third by Country superstar couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton with $57 million in combined earnings.

Safe to say these guys are doing alright for themselves.

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