Get nifty with Swifty: Make Tay Tay’s Christmas-before-Christmas cookies

We all know Taylor Swift is a whiz with some flour and oven, as well as being a top-notch singer and agony aunt. She’s definitely made use of her Instagram over the last few years to prove it anyway: the apple pie in July, the cookies in February – cupcake party she had to herself as far back as 2012.


Taylor’s newest creation, as seen above is the irresistible looking chai sugar cookies with eggnog cinnamon icing – yum! Sure, it might be October and we haven’t even seen Halloween, but it’s never ‘too early’ for sugary snacks.


Want to have a go at cooking like Taylor? Here’s the recipe she finally revealed on Tumblr after much begging from sugar-toothed fans:

MMMKAY— there are two ways you can go about this.
The quick and easy way is to make sugar cookies from a sugar cookie mix and just cut open a packet of chai tea and pour it into the batter as you make it. Cause you’re busy and you want making cookies to be a chill part of your day.
Pow. Done.


If you want to make the cookies from scratch (that’s what I did for the 1989 Secret Sessions), you can use this recipe I found on a baking blog I like, and I believe it was originally from a book called The Pastry Queen. If you want another great baking blog, I get a lot of great ideas from too. This is a recipe for basic insanely good sugar cookies. I added the chai element to the recipe because I thought it would infuse cozy holiday vibez into the cookie and it really did. So I’ll star the part that I added in the recipe.

***after you add the egg and vanilla, cut one chai tea packet open and empty the crushed up tea leaves into the batter CAUSE CHAI COOKIES ARE ABOUT TO HAPPEN UP IN HERE***

I made an icing for the cookies, but they’re fine on their own. If you want to make icing for them, just mix 1 cup powdered sugar with 1/4 T-spoon of nutmeg, 1/4 T-spoon of cinnamon and 3 TAYblespoons <—-(I’m so annoying, it astounds me sometimes) of milk or eggnog if you can find it this time of year. The more milk/eggnog you add, the more your icing will become a glaze. But glazes are legit too so basically just LIVE YOUR LIFE.

I lightly sprinkled cinnamon over the icing once the cookies were baked and iced, but there are so many icing options you can pair with these cookies—I mean it’s out of control.
If you’re really feeling like living on the edge, you can go ahead and add a few drops of food coloring to the icing to make it festive. No one is going to stop you.


Cause the bakers gonna bake bake bake bake bake.


Thanks, Taylor – don’t mind if we do! What about you – are you going to have a go at Christmas cookies in October? Let us know!

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Written by Laura Fulton

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