Taylor Swift goes Gaga in more ‘Shake It Off’ outtakes

We love you, Taylor Swift. We love how, just like us, you are so goofy that when you film your music video for our song of the moment (one of them anyway) you mess up enough to make at least FOUR outtake videos – with a fifth on the way.


This one is called ‘The Animators’ and focuses on the jerky, twitchy robo-guys who wear a lot of silver (it makes sense if you’ve seen the video) and Taylor herself is some gold Gaga get-up. These guys are really, really good, and Taylor is… adorkable. As she puts it:

“Dancers are, they’re such passionate people about what they do and they’re so proud to be in a music video representing their style of dance. And I’m so proud to awkwardly ruin it with my dancing”

We love you so much, Swifty.

To see these amazing moves, and the not-so amazing ones, check out the video below:

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