Taylor Swift lets us into her home and shares her Met Gala outfit, it involves a sword

If there is anything you wanted to know about Taylor Swift, it’s all here. She revealed (almost) all to Vogue in her 73 Questions interview while taking us on a tour around her fancy house, which was beaaautiful. Can we move in?


We picked out 10 exciting revelations from the interview…

1) We’ve always wondered if Taylor has Googled herself, and yes she has. It clearly didn’t go well, as she says: “You should never Google yourself again.”

2) If Tay wasn’t making amazing music, she’d be in advertising making sassy slogans and being a badass business woman (which she already is!)


3) Is there anything she can’t do? There is, actually! “I can’t do a cartwheel or a handstand.”


4) She speaks sweetly about her beau Calvin Harris getting her the best gift. “My boyfriend planted an olive tree in my garden for Christmas.”

5) Taylor likes to surprise fans when she sees them out and about wearing her merch. “I’ll be like hey, nice shirt!”

6) Her fave career moment is filming the ‘Bad Blood‘ video, we 100% agree.

7) What’s Tay’s most proudest accomplishment? “MY GRAMMYS.” We’re guessing it’s not her grandmas.

8)Taylor has always been to scared to do Coachella but always wanted to, we think she’d kill it on stage and she slayed her attendance last weekend.


9) Miss Swift gives advice for anyone wanting to become a singer: “Get a good lawyer.”

10) Tay is going to make Met Gala history when she turns up in this glamorous getup: “I’m going to be dressed as a robot and I’m gonna carry a sword.”

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There is a whole other 63 questions in the interview and if you’d like to know what they were, you can watch it right here.

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