Taylor Swift: 25 reasons why we love the birthday girl

In honour of Taylor Swifts 25th birthday, here are 25 reason why we adore Miss Swift ever so much…

1.  Because she was so scared that time Ellen jumped out on her she fell straight to the floor. And now we get to watch it over and over and over, and over again on this gif.


2. She has the cutest cat that has ever existed in the world.


3. She is living proof of the saying “pets are like their owners.”tayyy

4. She always dresses exceptionally and looks ever so elegant. Elie Saab: Front Row - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring / Summer 2013

5. She has the most amazing stage wardrobe. Sharing is caring Taylor…


6.  She is the is the only one who ever dances at award shows, and she gives it everything.

tay dancing

7. We love this duet Zac Efron and her did for Ellen.

8.  She didn’t cry when Kanye highjacked her VMA speech that one time back in 2009, and we all would have.

9. She is the only one who can open the Grammys with so much sass that she indirectly disses one of our favourite pop lads and we still love her.

10. The girl has 7 Grammys but you wont find her at Brad and Angelia’s, she will be at home playing with her cats and baking with mates.

Taylor-swift-Collage11. She is as series obsessed as the rest of us, naming both her cats after characters from Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order.


12. She’s so uncool that she’s cool.


13.  She’s more than happy to just be herself, and doesn’t care about the haters who are going to hate, constantly shaking it off.

haters gon hate

14. She’s such sweetheart and not the man hater she is made out to be, she’s actually such a babe.

black widow15. She doesn’t try and hide how much she’s not a belieber.


16. She can completely make fun of herself and everything the media says about her. Even manages to write one hell of a song about it.taylor

17. Speaking of which, she has also been out with some of our favourite popstars, and although we are very jealous, she is one bangin’ babe to try and compete with so we are always happy for her.

tay harry

18. She’s also bestfriends with this lovely lad who we are also a fan of and they make amazing music and play on trampolines together.

tay ed

19. She shares things like her hilarious irrational fears with us like being framed for murder, so we can feel like we are all mates.

20.  She does splendid things like this for her Swifties so we can all imagine what it would be like to ride in a car and belt one out with Taylor.

21. She is best mates with her fans and invites them to her house. Our invite must have got lost in the post… but we forgive you Taylor.


22. Her songs are so incredibly catchy that she had us all feeling 22 even if we weren’t.


23.  She can be a hard arse when she wants to be. “We are never getting back together” and all that.


24. She’s even funny, we loved her role in ‘Valentine’s Day’.


25. And she’s still that old love story country girl that we all fell in love with.

country taylor

Happy Birthday Miss Swift and we will see you at next year’s British Summer Time in Hyde Park.

In fact you can buy tickets for that right here and come hang out with us (and Taylor). 

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