Slaylor Swift does it again as ‘1989’ becomes the most watched era on VEVO.

We’re not too sure if there’s a record left that Taylor Swift hasn’t yet broken, but her latest achievement is her ‘1989’ album becoming the most watched era on VEVO ever.

What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that the videos for the singles released from the ‘1989’ have surpassed the views for the videos for the singles released from any other album era ever. Does that make sense or have we made it more confusing? We’ve confused ourselves.

The album’s first single ‘Shake It Off’ has racked up 1,037,098,479 views, ‘Blank Space’ has been watched 1,147,546,580 times, ‘Style’ has 277,529,718 views, ‘Bad Blood’ featuring everybody ever has 523,793,044 views and latest video ‘Wildest Dreams’ has so far been watched 52,366,118 times, meaning that the videos from ‘1989’ have currently been watched 3,038,333,939 times, which is a hell of a lot of views.

Well done Taylor, make sure you print this article off if there’s any room left on your trophy cabinet.

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