This Taylor Swift conspiracy theory is the scariest thing you’ll hear all week

There’s a lot of conspiracy theories floating around online at the moment, but this one we’ve discovered about Taylor Swift is by far the creepiest, craziest and kookiest theory ever.


No, this isn’t one that says she’s a morphing lizard person from the Illuminati. Actually, she’s a satanist clone from the Illuminati.


The internet has gone crazy thinking that Taylor Swift is a clone of Zeena LaVey, the daughter of the founders of The Church of Satan and the former high-priestess.

We’ll admit they do look scarily similar, like really similar. They could totes be sisters.

It’s a bit crazy to think Taylor is a clone of Zeena, they look similar but not exactly alike. Maybe they’re like, really really distant relatives or we’re in a parallel world or something. That’s another theory to think about. Do you really think she’s a clone of a satanist? Tweet us @maximumpop and tell us and don’t forget to include some of your own crazy conspiracy theories!

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