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Tarte Cosmetics have completely divided customers with THIS post

It’s incredibly problematic

As far as social media strategies go, Tarte Cosmetics’ latest move probably wasn’t their wisest. The cosmetics company completely divided customers last week by reposting a photo of beauty-grammer, Aimeé De La Torre.

In the photo, Aimeé’s tanned half her body with Tarte’s latest fake tan, ‘Glow With Faux’.

So what’s the problem? Well, there’s a drastic shade difference between the tanned and untanned side of her body.

So much so that a lot of Instagram users have picked up on it and think it’s cultural appropriation.

Take a look for yourself…

You can see why it’s so problematic!

The whole argument started on the original post on Aimeé’s account. At first, everyone seemed to love the photo.

Some people were even tagging Tarte in the comments section, telling them to use it as an ad campaign.

However, users were also speaking up saying how upset they were over the photo.

Other users soon started defending Aimeé.

Tarte, who seemed oblivious to the arguments that were surrounding the snap, then reposted the shot on their own Instagram account.

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They posted it with the following caption…

It received over 3,000 likes before it was quickly deleted. But, just because it’s been deleted, it doesn’t mean the controversy of publishing it in the first place has gone away.

Instagrammers are commenting on Tarte’s other snaps.

People are also posting about it on Twitter.

Personally, we find the photo incredibly uncomfortable.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below

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Written by Emma Matthews

Emma is a freelance journalist at MP.

When she’s not writing articles for Maximum Pop!, you’ll find her attending gigs, geeking out over the latest beauty products and reading feminist literature. Hermione is her favourite Harry Potter character - obviously.

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