Tanya Burr proves she doesn’t photoshop her pictures in the best way possible

You gotta not

Step away from the keyboard, body shamers. Tanya Burr has spoke out and is having absolutely none of your crap. After being accused of editing her photos, the mega babe recently took to Snapchat and shut down all the haters in the best way possible.

In a series of videos, Tanya claps back at Photoshop claims:

“The article is basically people commenting on my photos saying that I edit my photos and Photoshop myself to look smaller, which I don’t do in any way shape or form.”

“LOOK magazine were quoting these people and drawing attention to it, which is annoying, but at the same time they were saying: “But she Snapchats her body and you can’t edit Snapchats.”‘

Not cool guys, not cool.


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Tanya continued to defend herself, explaining the reason behind the difference in her appearance:

“Basically, paparazzi shots are always going to be the most unflattering because they’re photographing you in direct sunlight, you don’t know you’re being photographed, and so it’s not going to be nice.”

“Whereas when I Instagram a photo of myself, of course I’m going to be standing in the most flattering position and I’m ready for the photo, so of course I’m going to look better, but I don’t edit them.”

We’re all partial to a fancy filter and some good lighting, right?


To put an end to this madness, Tanya decided to take action by proudly standing up to the body shamers in the most confident way:

“So I am now going to get Kate here to Snapchat me in my bikini so you can see unedited what I look like, and I don’t edit my photos. Guys this is me unedited; video footage of me in a bikini can’t be edited. So haters, take your negativity elsewhere.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Just to clarify – no photoshopping here, guys. Let’s move on now, eh?

What do you make of Tanya boldly standing up to body shamers? Let us know in the comments.

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