You all need to hear Tanya Burr talk about body confidence – she’ll forever change how you treat your body

Feeling good about ourselves is something we all struggle with to some degree. With so many unrealistic beauty standards thrown our way by the media, it’s hard enough to deal with our own personal battles with our insecurities. But Tanya Burr is out here doing a service to all us ladies once again, and the things she has to say on body confidence are seriously inspiring.


For last week’s Sunday upload, Tanya did a good ol’ Q&A, answering all of our Twitter questions and offering up answers about whether her and Jim would ever consider getting Martha Moo a playmate, how many children she’d like and her fave lipsticks rn.

She also dedicated a lot of time when asked what her top tips for body confidence were, noting it was a topic matter she was very passionate about and which needs to be discussed more. And, it turns out, here tips were pretty damn incredible.

1. “Don’t focus on having a figure that is totally unobtainable for you.”

2. “Accept yourself and get to know your body. Don’t fixate on the bits you hate; love and be kinder to yourself.”

3. “Know that most people aren’t going to be worrying about the way that you look. They are going to be far more concerned with themselves and not even noticing anything that you’re worrying about.”

4. “Know that everyone is different. Everyone’s bodies are different, no one’s is exactly the same, and if they were it would be boring. It’s our imperfections that make us beautiful as well.

5. “Move more and really get to know your body. Do some kind of getting out there and exercising, even if it’s running around the park with your dog.”

We feel so inspired and grateful after watching Tanya’s video and strongly suggest you watch it in full to see her more in depth explanations for each of her tips. You won’t regret it.

Have you seen the video already? What did you think? If you have any body confidence tips to add, tweet us @maximumpop.

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