I tried making #TanyaBakes’ chocolate loaf… with a one year old

After our last success whipping up one of Tanya Burr’s recipes from her new cookbook ‘Tanya Bakes‘ — and with her latest upload inspiring us to get our cake on — we thought we’d have another go at whipping up a treat. The return of ‘GBBO’ may also have something to do with our sweet tooth being out in full force.

Tanya Burr Bakes 5

With our chocolate chip shortbread surprising us by turning out so well, we thought this time we would shake things up a little bit and make this bake a little more challenging. Opting for Tanya’s chocolate loaf, little did we know the ‘will it-won’t it rise’ question was the least of our problems when we decided baking with a one-year-old assistant would be a great idea.

Step 1: Gather all your ingredients together, including milk and white chocolate, as well as something with a lil caramel. We went for some Curly-Wurlys.


Step 2: Mix all your ingredients together. (Tip: Make sure your ingredients are properly unwrapped and that you don’t, you know, put whole eggs in, shell and all…)


Step 3: Introduce an electric whisk when mixing together your butter and sugar, but DON’T whisk when adding flour and your cocoa and baking powder. You need to use a folding technique for those.


Step 4: Chop up all your chocolate into small chunks and, uh, keep out of reach of little ones if you want any left to bake with…



Step 5: Once you’ve folded all the ingredients together and created a smooth batter, pour your mixture into a tin… Preferably with the same dimensions given in the book.


Step 6: Bake in the oven for 40-50 minutes until springy and a skewer comes away clean. And hopefully nom on some chocolate-y spongey goodness. Hopefully.

Step 7: Compare that expectation vs reality.


The result: Apparently we couldn’t even melt white chocolate and achieve that beautiful drizzle effect. We’re not sure where our skills have gone.

Tbh, we kind of think we maybe got the wrong tin for the job. Only in for thirty minutes and the loaf had already spilled over and exploded everywhere in the oven.

We can’t even blame the one-year-old for these poor efforts. Apart from her assistance at the beginning, she was a little angel. It’s actually pretty embarrassing that, left to her own devices, the loaf would have probs been, well, a loaf. Still, we gotta say it did pass the taste test. Just a shame about the general structure, right? But who needs aesthetic goals when you’ve got chocolate warming your belly.

We’re not sure we’d pass bread week in ‘GBBO’, tbh. But that’s fine. We’ll just stick to shortbread biscuits next time. But how about you? How do your baking skills fair? Tweet us @maximumpop and try not to laugh at our chocolate loaf failures.

‘Tanya Bakes’ by Tanya Burr is published by Michael Joseph, £16.99

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