Only 6 days until ‘Tanya Bakes’. To celebrate we bring you her Nanny’s apple pie recipe

As the publication day for ‘Tanya Bakes’ draws closer, we have another recipe for you to try out before you get your oven mitts on the book itself. Eek, we’re so excited! And seriously proud of Tanya, obvs.


We’re bringing you a sentimental one this time in the form of Tanya’s Nanny’s apple pie recipe. If you’re an avid watcher, you’ll remember her mentioning this one back in the day when she was prepping for her first book ‘Love, Tanya’.

Nanny's Apple Pie

Nannys Apple Pie

Even in a baking book, Tanya still manages to allow her personality and familiar tone to seep into the pages. We loved hearing about the significance of this tempting pud and the little mention of Jim. #TeamJanya!

Less than a week to go and we are absolutely buzzing with excitement. Granted, we’re also a tad worried about how many pounds we’re inevitably going to put on. It’ll be worth it though, right? Tweet us @maximumpop and keep on a look out for more ‘Tanya Bakes’ countdown excitement on MP! next week.

‘Tanya Bakes’ by Tanya Burr is published by Michael Joseph, £16.99

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