MP!er Katherine shares her thoughts on Julie Kagawa’s ‘Talon Saga’. Dragons becoming humans in a sunny California – you need to read this!

MP!er Katherine shares her thoughts on the ‘Talon Saga’: dragons in a sunny California, action and a love triangle…

Name: Katherine
Age: 14
Burns & Bassett - Copy
Fave Song: ‘We All Want The Same Thing’ by Rixton






Which book in the series did you read?
I read both ‘Talon’ and ‘Rogue’. :)

Describe the plot of the ‘Talon Saga’ in a tweet – less than 140 characters please!
Dragons become humans, sunny Cali, surfing, action, hunters and a serious love triangle. What more could you want in a series?

Rogue book coverIf you read ‘Rogue’ do you feel that you need to read the first in the series ‘Talon’ to understand it fully?
Yes, I think you do. Whilst the reader wouldn’t be entirely puzzled, they’d be missing out on a lot of info from the first book…

Without giving anything away, does the ending make you want to read the next in the series?
Yes, definitely! Both books had dramatic endings and I do want ‘Soldier’ right now… Both endings were similar, which I liked! It gave the second book more familiarity to the first.

Talon book cover

What genre would you class the book as?
Fantasy with dragons. Maybe action too…

What was the best bit?
I did love the parts when Ember went surfing and lived like a ‘normal girl’… Oh, and who can forget the Garret parts?!

Anything you didn’t like?
I felt the second book was quite different to the first one… The first one was more fun whilst adventurous, which I liked but the second one felt more serious.

Would you recommend the Talon Saga to your friends?
Yep, I already have done!! It was a very two books and I’m going to get ‘Soldier’ when it comes out…

Do you think it would appeal to girls or boys more? Or both?
I think that it definitely has factors that apply to both genders, but I’m swaying more towards girls, particularly with the love triangle…

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