Talon Saga: Book Crazy says it’s “kick ass and…packed full of action and suspense”

As if you needed any more reason to get your hands on a copy of both ‘Talon’ and ‘Rogue’, the first two books in the explosive Talon Saga, Book Crazy has just given both a roaring review.

If you haven’t heard about either, we have one word for you: dragons. In the modern world, dragons can hide in human form, and actually like surfing and video games and uh, flying. Or at least, that’s Ember, the rebellious sixteen-year-old dragon in disguise, positioned in sunny California to learn to assimilate into human communities.

Things appear to be going to plan until she meets Garrett, who is hiding a few secrets of his own, and she starts to wonder if the organisation that raised her might be wrong.

Kendall from Book Crazy reviewed both books, giving ‘Talon’ 4/5 stars and ‘Rogue’ a perfect 5.

She said about ‘Rogue’, “I…wasn’t expecting this book to written from different point of views, but it was!…I loved this! It added a lot to the plot and it was like following three different plots that connected and became one plot! It also helped me connect more with the characters!”

She also mentioned how great a character Ember was, and how easy she is to connect with over both books. Plus, we totally agree that the amazing covers for these books make getting a paperback edition a must – they’re just so fierce!

Check out the reviews for ‘Talon’ and ‘Rogue’ and begin your addiction to Julie Kagawa.

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Written by Laura Fulton

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