Lord help us, we’ve found a new boyband to fangirl over. Introducing Symmetry.

We’ve found a brand new progressive pop rock band to absolutely obsess over and learn lyrics and see on tour and buy thousands of pounds worth of merch and we’re so sure that you’re going to love them too, so we just had to share.


Symmetry are ready to give the UK some loving with their debut radio single ‘Cure’ and are currently touring our beautiful country with those wonderful Room 94 boys. But what are Symmetry all about? Well, we’re glad you asked. The band strive to touch one’s heart and soul through their music. The innovative band consists of Michael Campbell, Jared Hara, Will Weiner (lol) and Max D’Anda.

The four boys are accomplished and determined musicians who fatefully met each other in California and aim to inspire hope through their powerful music.

It all sounds very deep and meaningful, doesn’t it? Good job the music’s a jumble of pop/rock fun then, isn’t it?

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