Supernatural recap: Lucifer’s out of the bag

Holy Chuck. Earlier this season, Sam was once again trapped in the cage with Lucifer. Cas and Dean came to the rescue however not before Cas said ‘yes’ to Lucifer therefore possessing his host. And now – the cat’s out of the bag.

Here’s our recap of Supernatural season 11 episode 14 “The Vessel”.

1943: Back in Occupied France in 1943, a Woman of Letters named Delphine Seydoux kills a Nazi general and steals a powerful artifact from him.


Back in the present: Lucifer, still in possession of Castiel, has regained control of Hell with Crowley being his dog (literally) as he’s chained up and locked in a cage (how does it feel Crowley?).


In the bunker, Sam discovers that the artefact from 1943 is a Hand of God and possibly has the power to destroy Amara. He tells Dean and they call on ‘Castiel’ for more information. They find out that the Bluefin, the submarine carrying the Hand of God back to America, had sunk. Dean asks Lucifer to send him back on the Bluefin before it sank so he can retrieve the artefact. But the bad news is the warding on the submarine keeps Lucifer out, leaving Dean all alone.


1943: Dean lands on the Bluefin without Lucifer and is all on his own. He changes into something more appropriate and starts his search for Delphine. 


Once he locates her, he convinces her of his mission from the future. The bad news? There’s a German destroyer after the Bluefin and guess who’s operating it? Yep, the Nazi general that Delphine supposedly killed at the beginning of the episode.

Present: Sam finds a spell that will allow ‘Castiel’ to remove the warding on the submarine. The bad news is you need an archangel’s power so Sam offers to use his soul to power it seeing as ‘Castiel’ is weak on power. Lucifer than reveals himself to Sam and almost kills him (OUR HEARTS).

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Castiel manages to regain control of his vessel long enough to stop Lucifer from killing Sam and inform him of his predicament.

1943: After all attempts failed to stop the Germans, Delphine uses the Hand of God and obliterates the Bluefin, the crew and the enemy ship just as Lucifer arrives and transports Dean back to the present.


Present: Lucifer reveals himself to Dean and attempts to use the Hand of God on the Winchesters but discovers its power has been expended.

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While Lucifer is distracted, Sam draws a blood sigil on the wall and banishes him. Dean refuses to believe Castiel willingly agreed to possession.

I mean, the look on Dean’s face is so heartbreaking. #SAVECAS2K16


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