Supernatural recap: Wrestling Mania

After last week’s game-changing episode, the Winchesters are on the hunt for any more Hand of God weapons they can retrieve. But this week Dean and Sam go to pay their respects to one of their favourite wrestling heroes as kids and end up tumbling on a case.

Here is our recap for S11 E15 ‘Beyond The Mat’.

Firstly, how good did Sam look is his unbuttoned flannel damnnnnnnnnn Sammmy.


MOTW: Ok, so while coming up empty handed in the boys quest to find more Hand of God weapons, Dean notices an obituary of one of the wrestlers he used to watch as a kid growing up. He convinces Sam to head to the funeral to pay their respects. At the funeral, Dean sees his all-time wrestling hero, Gunner Lawless, and says hello (US WHEN WE SEE JENSEN AND JARED TBH).

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And then there’s Sam who meets his first crush (whom he had a poster of her above his bed *not*).


Of course there’s a memorial match for the fallen wrestler and Dean and Sam are more than happy to attend. Can we please just take a moment and appreciate their fanboy faces, because literally same.

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Sadly, a man is murdered outside the arena and here begins our MOTW case. The boys soon figure out that they are dealing with a demon who is collecting souls, however, none of the other wrestlers are possessed. One of the wrestlers, Mike, is kidnapped by none other than Gunner Lawless who is actually working for a crossroads demon. He is revealed to be collecting souls for his own “nest egg” due to the return of Amara and Lucifer. Gunner reveals to Dean his deal he made 10 years ago. The crossroads demon agreed to spare Gunner’s life if he carried out it’s bidding.


But too bad, Dean convinces Gunner to help them and he kills the crossroads demon. Sam and Dean leave as the hellhounds await its next victim. Flashbacks to season 3 anybody?

Meanwhile: While all this wrestling mania was happening, Lucifer was busy searching for the other Hand of God weapons which he can use in his endgame. But he has no luck. Oh yeah, he’s still torturing poor Crowley. “Use your tongue” he says. Lucifer, please. This is a family show, well sort of.


One of the demons helps Crowley escape and he leads them to where he’s hidden The Rod of Aaron, which also happens to be a Hand of God. In a minor plot twist, the demon turns out to be working for Lucifer.


Crowley is sick of Lucifer’s crap, and we don’t blame him to be honest. Crowley uses the Rod of Aaron to try and kill Lucifer.


The other demon protects Lucifer and gets killed in the process. However, Crowley expended the Hand of God’s power and is now useless against Lucifer and is forced to escape. Uh-oh, Lucifer’s on the hunt now.

The Bunker: The end of the episode saw Dean and Sam share a nice “we’re going to win this” moment. It was great to see.

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Our favourite scene: A moment of silence for Dean letting his inner child out and having WAY too much fun in the ring.

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