MP!er Georgina reviews Jenny Mclachlan ‘Sunkissed’ full of ‘humour, romance and adventure’.

‘Sunkissed’ is one of our fave summer reads. Funny, cute, and jammed pack with ridiculousness and wacky goings on, we couldn’t help but fall in love – and neither could all of you, by the sounds of things.

MP!er Georgina applied to our You Review in exchanged for an honest review. Check out just how much she loved it:

GeorginaName: Georgina


Favourite Holiday Location: I like a good old UK holiday! Seaside anyone!? XD

Have you read any of Jenny McLachlan’s books before? If not, would you consider reading them after reading ‘Sunkissed’? I haven’t read any books by Jenny McLachlan before but after reading ‘Sunkissed’ I will definitely be checking out more of her work!

Is ‘Sunkissed’ what you expected? Absolutely not! I was expecting a sweet holiday romance story but what I got was something surprisingly different! This story has a little of everything! Humour, romance and adventure! A lovely mix if you ask me!

Sunkissed‘Sunkissed’ is full of crazy, memorable characters. Who was your favourite? My favourite Character has to be Kat! I think kat is a very cool character and she has alot to offer! I loved reading from her Pov and I love her character development throughout the story! She’s determined and strong! Can I be one of her Bffs please!?

Kat spends her summer on a Swedish island. Where was your favourite location in the book?  My favourite place in the Book has to be the island of Vilda! AHHHH VILDA! I think that is the place Kat discovers more about herself! I would love to go there and explore like Kat does with Leo!

Favourite line/quote? Favourite quote is from Kat! “I was strong enough to jump off a cliff when my legs were shaking, strong enough to come to this island in the middle of nowhere without my family and I’m definitely strong enough to enter their stupid troll race” YOU GO GIRL!!!

Rate ‘Sunkissed’ out of 10 I rate this book a 8/10! I REALLY enjoyed this and it was a lovely change from the serious fantasy books that I’ve recently read! 😄

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