MP!er Sarah Clare reviews ‘Sunkissed’. “my heart broke, my toes curled, my stomach clenched and yes, I laughed out loud”

‘Sunkissed’ is one of our fave summer reads. Funny, cute, and jammed pack with ridiculousness and wacky goings on, we couldn’t help but fall in love – and neither could all of you, by the sounds of things.

MP!er Sarah Clare  applied to our You Review in exchanged for an honest review. Check out just how much she loved it:

SarahName: Sarah Clare
Age: 26
Fave holiday destination: Italy

Have you read any of Jenny McLachlan’s books before? If not, would you consider reading them after reading ‘Sunkissed’? I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny last year and she signed my copy of ‘Flirty Dancing’. But I have a rule about not reading books that have been signed (to preserve their specialness!!) so ‘Sunkissed’ was my first outing with the Ladybirds. I’m eager to get my hands on another copy of ‘Flirty Dancing’ now though, as well as Love Bomb.

Is ‘Sunkissed’ what you expected? Sunkissed was more well rounded than I thought it was going to be. I went in knowing it was going to be light and funny but I was surprised by some of my reactions- my heart broke, my toes curled, my stomach clenched and yes, I laughed out loud. Couldn’t put it down!

Sunkissed‘Sunkissed’ is full of crazy, memorable characters. Who was your favourite? Nanna. We have the same taste in t-shirts.

Kat spends her summer on a Swedish island. Where was your favourite location in the book? I want to say Vilda… but I loved the scene at Leo’s tent and how it became a bubble of a universe for a day.

Favourite line/quote? Oh! This is easy:

‘It’s like phosphorescence: too amazing to believe and impossible to hold on to.’ Beautiful!

Rate ‘Sunkissed’ out of 10 8/10.

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