11 cringe-worthy photos that will make you reach for the sun cream. Immediately.

It’s been a little warm lately. And even though it’ll probably raining by teatime, it’s important to remember that it is actually summer right now. And that means the sun will keep showing an appearance.


Baz Lurhmann was right about the sunscreen though. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this unfortunates, and try not to cringe in sympathy too hard (you’ll pull a muscle).

1. It’s not just us norms that feel the burn. We’re starting off with a real doozy. YouTuber Jake Bateman:

2. And even though you KNOW sunburn is a bad, bad thing, there’s still a small part of you that wants to slap it when you see it:


3. Not this one though. Oof.

4. Ooo. On the feet?!

5. This.

6. Ouch. But at least they know the errors of their ways…

7. Eeesh. Sunburn doesn’t go away easy.

8. Truth.

9. Wow. Eesh.

10. Leg, or a scorched hot dog sausage?

11. Sunburn is NOT fun.

Just slather up this summer, ok?

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