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10 songs that are a MUST on your roadtrip playlist this summer

Clare Furniss is at it again with another fab read, ‘How Not to Disappear’, an absolute MUST for your summer reading TBR. With Hattie struggling to come to terms with the fact she’s pregnant and an unearthed great-Aunt in the early stages of dementia, ‘How Not to Disappear’ is a warm, funny, yet heartbreaking tale.

Plus, there’s a glorious roadtrip. And what better thing do you need for a long car journey with the great-Aunt you never knew you had?! That’s right – a playlist that will slay all day every day. We might be unprepared for British summer weather but we sure ain’t when it comes to being the designated car DJ.

We asked Clare Furniss for the hit tracks Hattie and Gloria would have on their summer roadtrip playlist and she totally did not disappoint:

“All good road trip playlists include a mix of songs you can belt out at the top of your voice as you drive along but I also like to include a few quieter, reflective tunes… Believe me Gloria and Hattie have a LOT of inner feelings to work through on their journey and some of these songs will help them do that.

Both Gloria and Hattie also have quite a bit to be angry about and some of these songs give them a good chance to get that out of their system! The titles or the lyrics of all these songs have special significance for Gloria and Hattie’s situation in ‘How Not To Disappear’. We’ve got some feminist anthems…

some road trip classics…

some 21st century hits, and some older songs from the 1950s and 1960s when Gloria was young… I LOVE the thought of Gloria and Hattie driving through the Lake District bellowing these out at the top of their voices to an audience of surprised sheep.”

Summer roadtrip playlist

If all these songs don’t make you want to jump up and head on a cross-county roadtrip whilst the summer sun is still in the air we don’t know what will! And if you’re worried about how you’ll cope on the road, we’ve got yo back – here’s 13 roadtrip hacks that’ll become your best friend.

We can’t imagine anything more slammin’ than having a jig to Bey whilst cruising through the Lake District.

Or even getting down to some 60s classics like Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’.

What do you think of Clare’s choices? What would you put on your summer roadtrip playlist? Let us know @maximumpopbooks!

And if you’re seriously lagging and haven’t picked up a new paperback copy of ‘How Not to Disappear’ yet, you totally need to get on it. Here you go.

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