Holy shizzle, we’ve found a new boyband. Introducing Suite 16.

Brace yourselves fangirls, we have stumbled across a brand new boyband and we’re all ready full of the feels. Ok, so they may not be the best boyband in the world, they might not even be one of the good boybands in the world but they’re unashamedly fun pop and that’s everything that we’re about here at MaximumPop! Suite 16 may just be the reason that we started this very website.


Ok, maybe that’s a slight overreaction.

Suite 16 hail from Norway and have already gained themselves a legion of fans who called themselves Suitehearts (cute af, right?). They remind us of our Swedish baes The Fooo Conspiracy, who are killing it in Scandinavia.

The boys’ single ‘I Don’t Think So’ isn’t very strong, we’ll admit it, but trust us it will be in your head all day.

Are you ready for a brand new boyband with cheesy catchy pop tunes? Of course you ruddy well are…

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