7 tips on how to manage a social media fallout

There’s a pretty good chance you may have seen on Twitter and Instagram that Demi Lovato wasn’t very happy with Nicki Minaj when she didn’t tag her in one of her Instagram pictures.


Basically, they were snapped together at this week’s Met Gala along with designer Jeremy Scott. Nicki put the picture on her Instagram and tagged Jeremy… But not Demi. Ouch!


Obviously, Demi wasn’t very happy about this and made her feelings clear in a lengthy rant on Twitter. But it got us thinking: how do you feel when your IRL friends unfollow you or forget to tag you in pictures? It’s not the best feeling.


So we’ve come up with 7 things to do when you’re in your feelings and want to go on a Twitter rant but know you really shouldn’t.

1) Stay calm: Chill out, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s only Twitter.


2) Ask questions: “Do you know you unfollowed me? You didn’t? Well, you did! Fix it!”


3) Was it a mistake? Twitter is known for randomly unfollowing people at a moment’s notice. It might genuinely just be an accident.


4) Talk IRL: Take it off social media, get into the real world and talk face to face.


5) Step away from the internet: Take a break, take a breather and remember there’s a real world out there away from the internet.


6) Write down your feelings in a journal: Keep your words to yourself and pop them somewhere that your friends won’t see them and won’t get hurt.


7) Find some new friends: If all else fails and it all really goes left, just pick up some new friends elsewhere. We’ll be your friend!


What do you do when you fall out with your pals on social media? Let us know if we missed out any tips @maximumpop

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