11 things to do when your homework is due and all you wanna do is binge on Netflix

Exam season is around the corner and we get it: you’re not here for revision. You don’t want to do it, you can’t concentrate, life literally feels like a mess.


You’re not alone in this. Step away from the books and take a little 10 minute break. While you’re on that break, here’s 11 things you could be doing with your time that can help you relax and get your brain back in motion.

1) Read a book: This is weird, we know but reading a book that isn’t a textbook can really help.


2) Listen to some music: Good music makes everyone happy. Put your headphones on and turn up the volume.


3) Change your surroundings: If you’re locked in your bedroom all day, no wonder you feel like you’re going mad. Pop to the park or to the shops for a treat; you deserve it!


4) Have a snack: It’s important to keep your energy up otherwise your focus will wander.


5) Talk to your friends: Give them a call, pop round to their house for a few minutes; it’s all good.


6) Watch some TV: Yes, binge-watching Netflix is cool but there’s no time for that right now. Enjoy in moderation then it’s right back to work.


7) Do some chores: A clean room equals a clean mind. If your room is a mess, your work will be a mess with it.


8) Go for a walk: Around the house, around the block, to… Japan? Ok, too far but you get the idea. It’ll clear your head.


9) Dance: Get the blood flowing and get your energy up.


10) Spend a few moments with the family: Check in on everyone. You’ve probably neglected them a little since you’re so busy.


11) Try something creative: Drawing, painting, knitting… maybe play an instrument? Do something that will keep the brain active.


What do you do when you’ve got homework to do and you’ve only got Netflix on the brain? Let us know @maximumpop

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