Stooshe Vs Sushi: Pop Star vs. A Vegetable (sort of) – Results

Following the announcement that Stooshe will be returning with new music very soon it’s time for another round of Pop Star vs A Vegetable except this time it’s not a vegetable it is raw fish as Stooshe go up against Sushi (see what we did there?)

Round One – Availabilty

After a couple of singles last year Stooshe’s album release date was put back but they recently confirmed it is on its way soon.

Sushi on the other hand is already available and is everywhere. We can probably see 3 different sushi chains if we look out of the window now.

Stooshe 0 – 1 Sushi

Round Two – Appearance

Stooshe are a bright, loud and very in your face girl band. They are easily recognisable with the cartoon-like styling that may not be to everyone’s taste.

Sushi looks pretty disgusting to be honest. Half of it looks all wet and sloppy on your plate. Definitely not to everyone’s taste.

Stooshe 1 – 0 Sushi

Round Three – Flavour

You can’t actually taste Stooshe (legally) but you can taste their own brand of Love Hearts which as everyone knows are delicious as well as being totally romantic.

Sushi is in fact quite nice despite being mainly uncooked fish rolled up with rice and looking not very tasty at all. We like the spicy wasabi paste as it makes your nose woosh!

Stooshe 1 – 1 Sushi

Round Four – Variation

Stooshe like to do songs that sound like the 1960s but a bit more shouty and a bit more sweary. Hopefully their new album will be more of the same as it is quite a good sound.

Sushi places give you hundreds of options (as long as you like a variation of rice & raw fish) and you can mix and match it up so you can get all your favourites in one go.

Stooshe 0 – 1 Sushi

Round Five – Cost

You can get a Stooshe single from iTunes for 99p which is a fair price and if it is a good one like ‘Black Heart’ is very filling in your ears.

Sushi costs about £1 for individual pieces or a Miso Soup. A meal box costs about £3.95 which is good value for money as it is very filling in your belly.

Stooshe 1 – 1 Sushi

Final Score:

Stooshe 3 – 4 Sushi.

It was a close call but Sushi just pipped Stooshe to win! To celebrate let’s all watch this video of a very fun song about Sushi.

RESULT: It appears that you guys prefer sushi to Stooshe too with sushi winning 64% of the vote. Sorry girls, you’ve been upstaged by a California roll.



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