A Natter With Stooshe!

Stooshe recently released the video to their latest single My Man Music and now they’re off to the States! Showbiz journalist, Jon Hornbuckle, caught up with the talented trio recently to get all the goss!

[column width=half]Slip was your first single since 2012. What had changed since then? 

This time we have got a bit more control back. We had Christmas time off to rejuvenate and now we are back all in your face and happy, we got really tired last year and run down from being so busy but this year we are coming back with a bang and loving every moment.

What can we expect from Stooshe in 2013?

We won’t have another album this year but we will release another couple tracks from the album and hopefully get another tour in by the end of the year.

You’ve toured on your own and as a support act…

Our headline tour was crazy, we turned into rockstars and would jump into the crowd at the end of the show, we had a really good time and everyone was really responsive.
It’s nice to know that fans came out to see us on our own tour but then touring with the likes of Nicki Minaj and J.Lo obviously puts you out there and is really a good experience but having your own tour is the best thing.

So dish the dirt, who’s the bigger diva?

Neither Nicki or J.Lo were the bigger diva, we were!

What’s been a highlight of the past year so far? 

I think being nominated for a brit was a big shock for a good reason because we are new and for it to be turned around in a year and to be nominated for a brit amongst loads of other incredible artists was brilliant.[/column]

[column width=half last=true]Who would you love to work with?

Someone like Jay-Z and kanye West, or Andre 3000 or Rudimental.

What happened with Lily Allen after the tweets between you guys when she dissed Waterfalls?

We haven’t heard more from Lily Allen. There’s not amends to be made, it was a tweet not a punch. She’s awesome, we’d collaborate but she’s retired isn’t she anyway?

So the plan is to go to America?

Definitely interested in breaking America. SXSW was the first time we performed in America and that was a taster for us and we loved it out there so many people are doing well over there, like One Direction are smashing it out there right now.

So many groups like The Saturdays and The Wanted have done a reality TV show when cracking America. Is that something you’ve thought about? 

We’d love to do a reality show, we always say if a camera was following us it would be so good. It would be funny and you’d see things that would make you think ‘did they really just say that’!?

Now you’re super cool popstars can you still chill out and have fun back home?

We live in South London and we go out but we still get recognized but it’s all part of it and we still have a good time, we don’t care. [/column]

Stooshe’s debut album London With The Lights On is out now and includes the huge hits Black Heart, Love Me, Slip and My Man Music. GO GET IT!

Here’s the video to Stooshe’s latest musical offering ‘My Man Music’:

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