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QUIZ: Are you still 100% Directioner?


It feels like 50 billion years since the One Direction hiatus began and we’re SO not coping.

Sure, the boys new solo music is making things a tad easier (at least we get out daily fix of Harry Styles – one way or another) but we do miss fangirling out to all those epic 1D pranks and bromance moments.

Ugh – we’re getting teary just thinking about them.

Are you still 100% Directioner, though? Dr MP! (a.k.a us) is in the house to give you the full diagnosis. Do you still have your 1D fan account or follow about 643829 others? We sure hope so.

To see whether you’re still 100% Directioner, all you’ve got to do is take our quiz below.

Once you’re done with the questions, we’ll reveal all and see if you’re still the fangirl of all fangirls or whether we have to drawn up a treatment plan to help you reach your true 100% potential.


Harry forbid!

What’s the diagnosis? Are you still 100% Directioner? Let us know by commenting below. You can also take our other One Direction quizzes by heading here. There’s over 150 of them.

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Written by Julia Contorno

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