MP!er and blogger Sophie reviews Steven Camden’s ‘It’s About Love’.

Steven Camden is one of the UK’s most well known spoken word poets who branched out to YA lit in 2014 with his debut novel, ‘Tape’. Now onto his 2nd novel, ‘It’s About Love’, Steven Camden proves he’s just as talented in print as he is on stage.

MP!er Sophia got her free copy through our You Review scheme and here’s what she thought.

Name: Sophia

Age: 17

“It’s About Love” is a very open title. If you wanted to be more specific, you would call it “It’s About…”? Life in the focus of a camera, but life isn’t a film.

Its-About-LoveWhat did you think of the cover? It’s so bright and striking I instantly fell in love with the cover even before reading the book. After reading it the cover has even more significance! The notebook symbolic of the countless amount Luke has, a tea stained heart that would have two sugars and a script because the book really is Luke and Leia’s script.

Have you read anything by Steve Camden before? If not, after this, would you consider reading his other books? I haven’t but ‘Tape’ is on its way so I can’t wait to check that out.

How did you find the interspersed screen directions? I really liked them! I’ll be honest I did Google INT. and EXT. as I’m not an expert in film technical words. But I honestly think it was the coolest and most interesting way that me and anyone else who reads the book could understand Luke, his life and how he sees and perceives it all.

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