Interview: We chat to Tom & James from Stereo Kicks about Barclay’s theme park phobias and James’ theme park vomming.

Our lovely Luke Franks had a bit of a natter over the phone with the luscious James and Tom from Stereo Kicks to chat all things ‘Love Me So’, vomiting on theme park rides and having Bibby on the bum. Standard.

Luke: Recently it was 10 months of Stereo Kicks!? Did you do anything to celebrate, have a little party?

Tom: We were at the Now Magazine party, so we were having a party there!

Luke: Yeah, claim that as your party. Nice. It’s been such a busy 10 months, though, I’ve seen you everywhere, smashing it.

Tom: Thanks so much man!

Luke: Your new single ‘Love Me So’ is out very soon. Whoever wrote that must’ve been a genius.

Tom: Oh, stop it you! At least take me for dinner first.

Luke: We’re way past that Tom. Can you remember the first time you played it to the boys, what was that like?

Tom: I actually think I sent it on Whatsapp. On the demo, James came down and sang it for me, cos I thought James is quite good at singing really, and Casey absolutely fell in love with it straight away. I said don’t share it around and Casey bloody showed everyone, his family, everyone, which in hindsight was a really helpful because everyone really liked it and there was good feedback.

Luke: Good times. And the video is up as well now. I feel like if you’re gonna make a music video, do it properly and throw a house party. Talk me through the day, what happened?

James: It was a very fun day. We got there, a lot of nerves flying around, especially Chris, he was shaking bless him.

Tom: We had a director, Luke!

Luke: Movie style. Nice! There’s a lot going on. I was gonna ask because I was trying to work out the theme of the party, because there was a sombrero, an inflatable flamingo and then a giant inflatable banana.

Tom: An inflatable party. They never let me down, Luke.


Luke: Oh! I got it. Strong. Keep those coming, all day long. Let’s talk about something else really exciting that’s happening, because you’re playing the Thorpe Park Island Beats. Basically a gig in a theme park.

Tom: Exactly! We love a cheeky day out there anyway and to be playing there, it’s wicked! It’s in the summer, gonna be in the sun, it’s gonna be loads of fun, we can’t wait.

Luke: What are you boys like at rides? Any wimps in the band?

Tom: We all are in to them, except Barclay who maintains that the rides just ‘don’t interest him’.

Luke: That’s got to be a cover up, hasn’t it?

Tom: Yeah, I think so. If it doesn’t interest you, you’d at least give it a go for a bit of a laugh, but we’ve been to a couple of theme parks now and he’s literally walked off with someone else. I reckon there’s some underlying excuse there.

Luke: You need to sandwich him inbetween the eight of you and just take him on. Have you ever been sick on a ride? Had a big meal and it come up on Nemesis Inferno?

James: I did that last time I went to Thorpe Park. I went to Pizza Hut, had a massive one with loads of meat toppings and after that straight to Saw. Threw it straight back up.

Luke: Like a proper Saw ride!

Tom: I kind of feel like some of us might throw up at the gig, because we did this thing with Thorpe Park where we throw a dart onto the map and it decides what rides we do in what order. We landed the dart on a burger restaurant and then Stealth straight after. I’m not sure that’s gonna end well.

Luke: Hahaha! The actual Thorpe Park tweeted us and wanted to know what your favourite rides are?

Tom: Got to be Stealth, I love a fast ride!

James: I really like Nemisis Inferno.

Luke: Have you met anyone else on the bill because it’s an awesome line up. The Vamps, Rixton, Connor Maynard… It’s cool to be with all of them.

Tom: Yes! We’ve met The Vamps boys very briefly. We’ve met Little Mix as well who are performing, it’s a really good line up.

Luke: Now for some fan questions… Alana asks ‘What are your favourite smells?’

James: Petrol mate, or the smell of a zoo, I love it.

Tom: Versace aftershave. It’s my birthday in November.

Luke: Ellie asks ‘If you had to get another member of Stereo Kicks tattooed onto you, who would it be and where?’

Tom: Good question, we’ve not had that one before! It would have to be Chris, he’s the only one without a quiff so it could fit on.

James: Maybe Barclay in one of his magazine shoots.


Luke: I’d get Bibby on the bum! Hannah wants to know ‘What’s the last text message on your phone and who was it from?’

James: It was from my Dad saying ‘Do you fancy dinner in a pub garden?’ But I replied because I’m too tired so I’m gonna go home and play Call of Duty.

Stereo Kicks release ‘Love Me So’ on June 21.

Buy your tickets for Thorpe Park: Island Beats by clicking here.

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