Stereo Kicks unveil official video for debut single ‘Love Me So’. This is not a drill.

Everybody’s favourite octoband (since S Club Juniors, of course) Stereo Kicks have gone and whacked their debut music video ‘Love Me So’ on the internet. And we’ve got it right here for your viewing pleasure.


All eight of them? Wow, you are a busy boy.

Anyway, that’s not what we see in the video. In the clip, we see the boys all moodily singing in the middle of a party about a girl that they’ve lost (romantically, not physically) and trying to get her back.

Once the party’s over and the sun has risen, the band all manage to squeeze around one three seater sofa and – lo and behold – the apple of all sixteen eyes finds herself (both romantically and physically) making her way back to the boys.

Note: The girl isn’t Cheryl or Mel B, or even Betsy-Blue English for that matter.

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