All the times stepmothers WEREN’T evil in YA

It seems to be that the word “stepmother” goes hand in hand with “evil” in the world of fiction. Why she always so mean?

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Well, we’re here to say that she isn’t always cruel. In Lisa Heathfield’s ‘Paper Butterflies’, June’s stepmother is a bad seed. Bad, bad, bad. But sometimes, just sometimes, it doesn’t have to end in total heartache:

1. ‘Along for the Ride’ by Sarah Dessen

Auden may not like her new 26-year old step-mom in the beginning. But Heidi isn’t cruel, she isn’t mean, and they work it out.

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You can always rely on Queen Dessen to give you a story full of realness and emotion.

2. ‘Sense and Sensibility’ by Jane Austen

sense and sensibility

What? We know. But Mrs Dashwood is the second wife of her husband, so before they have the girls there’s a boy. And she’s the step-mother. But even when they’re essentially being thrown out on their ears by him, she’s not callous or harsh. #saint *snorts*

3. ‘We Are All Made of Molecules’ by Susin Nielsen

Stewart’s new step-mother isn’t a total douche, which is refreshing. It’s his new step-sister where the problem lies. This family gets blended together with mixed results; but it makes for GREAT reading.


4. ‘A Midsummer’s Nightmare’ by Kody Keplinger

Whitley does a wee bit of partying and acting out in this book.


Tbf, she’s not handling the new situation she’s found herself in. But her new stepmother isn’t the problem, at all. Which, again, is really refreshing to read.

See? The stepmother doesn’t ALWAYS have to be evil. It takes all kinds to make a family, and even more that that to make a good story.

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Have you read ‘Paper Butterflies’ yet? No? Well you can go get your copy right here.

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