It’s been HOW long since ‘Step Up’ came out?! You NEED to see how Channing Tatum celebrated

Step Up‘ was the film that made us all wish we could dance. It was also our first introduction to ab-tastic Channing Tatum. For that, we will never not be thankful, tbh. That, and the moment we saw Channing do some seriously effortless ballet. Cue this cute AF kid that kept telling him to shh.


Now the movie is celebrating 10 whole years since its release — we kind of can’t get over where the time has gone. And Channing Tatum and his co-star (and wife!) Jenna Dewan  have just celebrated in the most epic way.

‘Step Up’ follows the story of Tyler who is given 200 hours doing community service in Maryland School of Arts after trashing the theatre school following a party. Peering into various lessons as he goes about cleaning, Tyler sparks up a relationship with dancer Nora, who is preparing for a huge dance recital that will shape her future. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the pair find themselves having to dance together and, let us tell you, it’s steamy AF — we absolutely live for this film.

If you’ve seen the film (and if you haven’t, shame on you!), you’ll know there is a particularly iconic scene in which the pair carry out a beautifully executed lift.

To mark the 10 year anniversary, the pair proved they’ve still got it by doing the #Flawless move for all their devoted fans.

We’re in serious awe of this truly #goals couple, they are the certified cutest. And, you know, very, very talented!

Will you be watching the film to commemorate the occasion? Tweet us @maximumpop, because we most certainly will be.

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