11 YA queens who should be running the country

We’re not saying our fave YA queens would do a better job of it… But wouldn’t it be fun to just live in that world, even for a day? Because let’s face it, our faves can SLAY!


Maybe not the Snow Queen though. We’re not entirely convinced her bargaining efforts and motivations are what we want right now. See ‘Stealing Snow’ for a run down!

1. Mia Thermopolis from Meg Cabot’s ‘The Princess Diaries’ – While she may be a princess, she’s a total queen in that she RULES the royal pants of books in this category. True?


We all feel in love with how “normal” she was and clung to her original life as best she could while still transforming into a badass princess. Yeah, she can rule us.

2. The White Queen from Lewis Carroll’s ‘The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland’ – (Shall we get our Anne Hathaway gifs out of the way now?)


3. Lady Jane Grey from ‘My Lady Jane’ – Alright, we technically already had her as a queen for a whole 9 days in July 1553. BUT it wasn’t THIS Lady Jane Grey.

Those of your that have read the book will totally get what we mean. But we reckon this imagining of court and the monarchy could be fun. Maybe? Roar.


4. Lada Dragwlya from Kiersten White’s ‘As I Darken’ – Because she’s fiercely loyal to her country and genuinely fierce. Seriously, no one get on the wrong side of this one.


She’s a BEAST in the most amazing way.

5. Silver Blackthorn from Kerry Wilkinson’s ‘Reckoning’ – She’s not even a royal…


But she still manages to lead a whole country in revolt and essentially save it from total ruin. Plus she’s willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. Who WOULDN’T want someone like that in charge?

6. Hermione Granger from ‘Harry Potter’ – While we’re doing ‘not even royal’ candidates… Surely THIS QUEEN is THE QUEEN to end ALL QUEENS! Right?


7. Bitterblue from Kristen Cashore’s ‘Bitterblue’ – This girl gets put through the ringer in this series, really. And even though she’s more of a behind-the-scenes character before, it’s in her self titled volume that she really comes into her own.


Ruling be hard. But she pushes through and owns it.

8. Kestrel from Marie Rutkoski’s ‘The Winner’s Curse’ – Cause dayum this girl be complex and flawed and PERFECT because of it. A survivalist. Always a winner. And can play the game all the way to the end.


Yes please.

9. Mare from Victoria Averyard’s ‘Red Queen’ – If nothing else than to see that GORGEOUS crown from the cover atop her head.


#shallow but true. Of course she’s similar to the rest of these ladies in that she’s also a total boss and someone we know we could trust in running the country.

10. Wilhelmina from Jodi Meadow’s ‘The Orphan Queen’ – Because we would hope that the country transforms into something just as DROP DEAD AMAZING as the covers to this series.


Again… #shallow? Probs. But DAYUM. More like #mightyneed. (Also, jellyfish have literally nothing to do with this fantasy world but they so pretty and mesmorising it seemed fitting).

11. Alexa Hollen from Sarah B. Larson’s ‘Defy’ – She’s come a long way has this girl! She’s a fighter and by book 3 engaged to a King? (no spoilers, it’s in the blurb).


A protector of people… Seems like the perf person to have on the throne, true?

Which queen would you back? Tell us in the comments!

And don’t forget you can legit follow your fave IRL queens on Snapchat. Find them using our nifty database.

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