11 novellas that just made the main story EVEN BETTER

Nothing beats the excitement and satisfaction a whole, fully-formed book can fill us with. And Danielle Paige’s ‘Stealing Snow’ is one of them. However, when we get wind of novellas and short story spin-offs or continuations of a series it’s nothing short of a fangasm.


It’s like being granted a secret window into a world we already know and love. And there’s nothing quite like that magic. Here’s 11 novellas that made us sigh, swoon and sing with happiness:

 1. ‘Roar and Liv’ (#0.5)16129999

Roar is a firm favourite from Veronica Rossi’s ‘Under the Never Sky’ series. Our hearts broke for him and then we ached to give him a hug. So having the source of all his pain and motivation brought to life? Intense. But so, so beautiful.

2. ‘The Prince’ (#0.5)


Set just before Kiera Cass’s ‘Selection’ series kicks off we get a sneak peek into the life of Prince Maxon before he starts vying for America’s heart. Was she the first girl to catch his eye? Maybe. Maybe not…

3. ‘The Assassin and the Pirate Lord’ (#0.1)


Who DOESN’T want to eat up more stories from the ‘Throne of Glass’ world? Sarah J. Maas is a writing fiend and there are another 4 of these shorts. Badass and addictive. Read them now.

4. Assassin Study (#1.5)


Are you a fan of Maria V. Snyder’s ‘Study’ series? If the answer is yes then you need this novella in your life. Stat. Why? It’s all about Valek. It’s extreme Valek POV. #swoon

5. ‘Before the Snow’ (#0.1)


Set before ‘Stealing Snow’ this novella will introduce you to a world of magic and myth and also the crossover character Nepenthe.

6. ‘The Original Beginning’ (#0.5)


Some people actually fangirl harder for Richelle Mead’s ‘Bloodlines’ series than for ‘Vampire Academy’. Gasp! But one thing we can all agree on is that Adrian is one of THE BEST characters, if not THE BEST in the series. So seeing the beginning from his POV? Perf.

7. ‘What Really Happened in Peru?’


The first novella in the Bane Chronicles, and like above, probs one of THE BEST characters in this series. You have to love Bane at least a little bit and it’s so much fun to be peeking over his shoulder for all his shenanigans. Even better? You can now get them all in one collected text. YES!

8. ‘A Night of Cake and Puppets’ (#2.5)


Just thinking about this series gives us warm, fuzzy feelings… and then a deep ache that it’s finished. Caput. No more. This series has been laid to rest. *sobs* But in this short we get to see the night Zuzana and Mik went on their first date. Magic!

9. ‘Queen Rising’ (#0.2)


The way these stories interlock is mesmorising. This time we’re following the complex and compelling story of Margot. Expect witches, much prophecy and a Snow King!

10. ‘The Too Clever Fox’ (#2.5)


This book has no import on the ‘Grisha Trilogy’ and its plot and characters. BUT it’s so wonderfully written you are doing yourself a disservice by not reading it. Leigh Bardugo gives you a fable, of sorts, from the land of Ravka. A folk tale that can, on a grander scale, be quite metaphorical to the Grisha narrative. (And by the by, you can fangirl over Leigh Bardugo at her upcoming events. Yay!)

11. ‘Fairest’ (#3.5)


Fans of ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ will no doubt have already devoured this, but it’s the story of Queen Levana and it’s as lush and as full as you want it to be. Trust.

Do you have a favourite novella? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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