Quiz: How well do you know SprinkleOfGlitter?

Think you’re the ultimate Sprinkle of Glitter fan? Think again. We’re about to put you to the ultimate test and see once and for all whether you’re a #1 Sprinklerino.

It’s no surprise that we love this lovely lady so much, especially considering she’s not only gorgeous and hilarious but insanely talented too.

Have you heard her *WILDE* news yet? Don’t forget to keep an eye on our brand new Book Events site for upcoming panels and signings.

We’re such big fans we’re dedicating an entire fan book to her and giving all YOU the chance to submit your messages, pictures, fan art and so on before we hand the book over to Louise.


Are you an ultimate fan? Here’s how to get involved with the #LouisePentlandFanBook. Hurry!

It ends soon though, so hurry and submit.

Reckon you’re a bigger Sprinkle of Glitter fan than us? Unlikely. Try and score better than us on this fan quiz and PROVE IT:

Let us know in the comments what the hardest question was.

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