MP! Asks: Are YouTubers really ‘taking a path of optimism and hope’?

Tyler Oakley may have interviewed Obama and the First Lady and, yeah OK, we still kind of can’t get over the fact Zoella had Harry Styles stuffing marshmallows into his mouth. But we’re pretty sure Louise of Sprinkle Of Glitter has absolutely topped them all with her most recent collab partner.


You may have been aware that Louise was in Rome last weekend and it turns out she, and five other YouTubers, were having a meeting with the Pope. Pretty insane, right? It gets crazier, because the Pope actually confessed his undying love of watching YouTubers.

OK, well, he didn’t exactly say that. What he did talk about was his admiration for the jobs they do and for fashion and beauty videos particularly.

He said, “You can create a virtual identity; you belong to this circle, at least virtually. From that you can start taking a path of optimism and hope.”

We also felt hugely proud to hear his address to Louise, one of our absolute faves, praising the messages she conveys in her own videos. “I am glad that you carry out the type of work you said, following the line of beauty, it’s a great thing. To preach beauty and show beauty helps neutralise aggression.”

It had us thinking, though: are YouTubers really ‘taking a path of optimism and hope’?

It’s a pretty big statement, although obviously you’d expect it from someone as important and holy as the Pope. Still, it feels somewhat odd to put those two things together. Tbh, we’re sort of struggling to take in the fact the Pope had a meeting with some YouTubers in the first place. Go Team Internet!

The thing is, though, some of what YouTubers put out can seem so mundane and isn’t exactly revolutionary on the spectrum of making actual real life change.

How can a video of some — OK, very attractive — guy eating sweets from another country make a difference? The same goes for hauls and other various ridiculous, but seriously entertaining, challenges?

But then Louise posted an outtake from her second Rome vlog, in which she discussed part of the reason why she was there and it started to make more sense to us.

Louise in particular has done a lot in the way of charity work, not only with her involvement with the UN and gender equality, nor with this more recent project. Louise also has spoken about giving to women’s shelters and passing on these important acts of kindness to her daughter, Darcy.

As well as all that, we know Louise to be a bubbly presence in our subscription boxes on YouTube. Her channel is always filled with lots of LOLs and positivity. It feels important to state as well that it’s not just body positivity that she advocates, but also in generally going out into the world and being a kind and happy person.


And we reckon that’s what the Pope meant by ‘neutralising aggression’.

Even if YouTubers aren’t actively making a change by working with charities or discussing world issues in their videos, they’re still, for the most part, expressing positivity in some shape or form in their videos. And it’s cheesy AF to say, but if there’s one thing this world needs more it’s being happy and peaceful and throwing kindness around like confetti. Right? Right!

We’re very proud of all the great work Louise is doing and the fact that she met the freakin’ Pope! She’s already uploaded two out of three days of her trip on her vlogging channel, so go check that out and tell us what you think about all this Pope-y business @maximumpop. ‘Pope Does My Make-Up’ anyone?

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