5 reasons Sprinkle of Glitter’s new diary is the perf gift for all your hard-to-buy-for mates

Christmas is fast approaching and tbh if we don’t wake up with Louise Pentland‘s 2017 diary under our trees this year we are going to be SEVERELY disappointed.

Louise is an absolute writing machine. We’re convinced everyone needs a copy and here’s exactly why it’ll make the perfect Xmas prezzie:

1. Louise is awesome, full stop

She’s like the big sister we never had and our second mum. Is there anything this badass boss lady cannot do?!

2. Who doesn’t love her?

We’re yet to find a person online who doesn’t love her tbh. And who wouldn’t? She’s hilarious, charming and has the best diary going. It’s no wonder we kind of freaked out meeting her:


MP! Exclusive: Louise Pentland tells us the real reason why she grew out of Sprinkle of Glitter

Wouldn’t you? Make sure you’re following her on Snapchat for 24/7 Sprinkle of Glitter fun.

3. Busy life? Louise can get you sorted

And it won’t be with a boring journal, oh no. Say hello to a glitzy and glam 2017 diary from yours truly.  We’ll be the envy of the classroom in the new year and maybe jotting down homework assignments won’t be such a bore when we can flip a page and see this gorgeous lady staring back at us.

4. It’s like her YouTube channel in book form

Duh, she’s already got a book out and we’re set to see EVEN MORE Louise hitting the shelves soon but even her diaries are as lovely and bubbly as she is. It’s like a little slice of Louise to carry around in your backpack.


The excitement for Louise Pentland’s novel #RobinWilde is REAL, but where do you stand on YouTuber books?

5. Who doesn’t need a diary, right?

Let’s be real, you’re disorganised as hell and a diary to log everything in is just going to make your life twelve times easier #fact.

Fill December with THE most amazing bookish events all around the world.
Fill December with THE most amazing bookish events all around the world.

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to wake up to the Sprinkle of Glitter 2017 diary this Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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