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YAS! The cast of ‘Riverdale’ reveal that death, twincest and Bughead are on the rise

All part and parcel of an average day in Riverdale really

We survived the three week hiatus of Netflix‘s almost-criminally addictive new show ‘Riverdale by the skin of our teeth. We did consider ending it all after day three because the pain was so real but we knew that we had Bughead to live for.

When the show returned on 30th March we breathed a sigh of relief, finally we could put an end to this involuntary fast and chow down on some meaty drama. And, oh boy, did it deliver. We will never look at a baby shower in the same way again.

But the revelations are set to keep coming and coming. The stars of the show were recently at WonderCon where they gave us some clues as to what is about to come in ‘Riverdale’. And one sentence sticks out.

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse, we could kiss you! Watch the full interview about Bughead right here.

And if you’re excited about that, just wait until your hear what else is going to happen!

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OMFG! Are ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ literally just the same show? 

In a separate interview at WonderCon K.J. Apa and Luke Perry (who play Archie and his father) spilled the beans that The Grim Reaper is set to return to our favourite sordid town. That’s right, there will be another death in ‘Riverdale’. Here’s what Luke had to say about the victim:

“I felt it was too soon for them, and yet at the same time, they deserved it… It was too soon but they had it coming.”

GAH! The suspense is already killing us. See if you can get any more clues from the interview. Plus, how cute is K.J’s kiwi accent!

If they kill of Jughead we swear we will turn to voodoo to resurrect him. We’re not afraid to throw aside our morals to save our beloved Juggy.

Speaking of throwing aside morals, we did promise you an update on the whole Jason/Cheryl twincest thing.

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On EW’s Spoiler Room, the executive producer of ‘Riverdale’, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, assured us that our questions regarding the whole creepy Cheryl and Jason relationship would definitely be addressed later in the series.

“Look for episode 10 to address that situation head-on. That theme, from that point forward, is developed in a very, very real creepy way. But maybe not in the way you expect.”

Colour us excited! Sounds like things are about to get explosive in ‘Riverdale’ and we’re LIVING FOR IT! Let us know your theories in the comments below.



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