Ten things we want to see at this Spice Girls Olympics reunion!

First they were doing it, then it looked like they’d been snubbed, then they’d been offered the chance but Victoria wasn’t on board… frankly, following the Spice Girls’ ‘Will They, Won’t They?’ Olympics saga has been more of an emotional rollercoaster than all of the actual sporting events combined! But with just hours to go, it finally looks like they’re definitely going to be taking to the stage for the Closing Ceremony. Here’s how we want it to go down…

• They must open with ‘Wannabe’. The thought of Mel B’s dirty northern cackle booming through the speakers and the clatter of platform shoes rushing towards the stage before they emerge to that intro is just too amazing not to happen.

• Geri needs to be wearing the Union Jack dress. It’s London, it’s the Olympics and Team GB are doing us proud across the board. There could be no more appropriate occasion to bring back Ginger’s most iconic ensemble.

• Mel B needs to be wearing at least 70% leopardskin print, because that’s how Scary Spice rolls.

• Melanie C needs to rock the ponytail. Olympics = return of Sporty Spice. C’mon, that’s a no brainer.

• Emma needs to be in Baby pink and Victoria needs to be wearing the Little Black Dress, because if the other three are doing it old school… (although come to think of it, Posh is still always wearing the Little Black Dress).

• They somehow need to get as many of the hits as possible into their running time. We’re thinking a medley of ‘Stop’, ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and ‘Say You’ll Be There’ could be time-effective and amazing.

• We need at least a few bars of ‘Viva Forever’. They have a musical to promote and it’s clearly their best song.

• There needs to be a lighters-aloft moment to
2 Become 1′.

• They need to close with ‘Spice Up Your Life’, accompanied by a massive light show and fireworks. It would be a truly incredible pop moment.

• Geri needs to do something completely ridiculous to ensure she gets all the headlines the next day. If she can’t find the Union Jack dress, re-creating her 2000 BRIT Awards performance where she emerged from between a giant pair of inflatable legs should do it. To be honest, it’s Geri. We can’t possibly predict what act of madness she’ll pull out of the bag. All we know is she’s bound to have something up her sleeve, and it’s bound to be amazing.

Don’t let us down, ladies.

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