We are totally in love with 5SOS’ Sounds Good Feels Good – here’s our track by track review!

It’s finally here! 5SOS have finally released album number 2 and boy are we in love. If you’re still a bit unsure as to whether or not you should purchase it (you totally should) then here’s our track by track review.

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Money: This first track was a preorder instant download and it’s such a great song to belt out with your friends at a sleepover or driving in a car. A great lively song to kick off the album we’ve been waiting for so long for.

She’s Kinda Hot: the first single from the album which we’ve been singing for a good few months now yet we can never really get tired of. It welcomes us to The New Broken Scene – an incredible movement by 5SOS that accepts people for who they are and not fitting in with “the norm”. Love it.

Hey Everybody: 5SOS’ latest single which gets us singing along to the catchy chorus and makes us feel like we’re not alone when it comes to having a hole in our pockets.

Permanent Vacation: After hearing this baby live on the ROWYSO tour, we were so damn excited to be able to hear the studio version and it’s everything we wanted and more. You can never get too many “na na na’s” in a song but it doesn’t mean it’s some cheesy boyband jingle. This song is pretty empowering and shouting out to the world that we’re the voice of the new generation!

Jet Black Heart: A more slowed down song that talks about personal issues and can be related to mental health. The instruments are strong in this one and the lyrics even stronger. Plus, how amazing is it to have Michael singing the majority? His vocals really fit perfectly and we pray this will be on next year’s set list.

Catch Fire: This is such a catchy song and makes you feel so good to the point that you want to be able to drive through every single continent in a car with someone you really into with the windows down and wind whipping in your hair where nothing else matters but the both of you.

Safety Pin: The song that is representing the New Broken Scene and we are in love as it definitely captures the aim of the NBS about saving one another. It definitely reminds us of the ‘Real bands save fans, real fans save bands’ quote. We’re very excited to hear this one live.

Waste The Night: The vocals on this song sends shivers down our spine. We were so into this song both emotionally and physically that we were gutted when it ended… but then more began to play and we totally lost our cool.

Vapor: 5SOS claimed that this song shows off their lyrical skills off strongly and we couldn’t agree more. Thankfully, it’s not about actually vaping but feeling like someone is their vapor and liking them a hell of a lot. If you’re really into someone, this may be the song you’ll find yourself listening to over and over.

Castaway: A song about drifting apart from someone with a beat that helps you feel your anger and sadness if you’ve ever had someone leave you.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf: An emotional song with the orchestra we have been so excited to hear perform with the boys and really compliments the song. A girl who feels the need to break up with her boyfriend but every time they go to do the deed, she changes her mind. We’re totally emotional.

Broken Home: Be warned; this is a very emotional song and you may shed a tear. A song from the eyes (or mouth) of a child whose parents are getting a divorce and makes us feel too emotional to do anything else but let our lips quiver and tears line our waterlines.

Fly Away: Another song we had rather early on that makes us feel wanderlust. The drums on this really get us going and make us feel so up beat that if we could afford it, we would totally book flights to every major city in the world and fly away tonight. No joke.

Invisible: A more slowed down song on the album which talks about feeling invisible and not really not knowing yourself. Calum takes the lead vocals in this track and definitely compliments the soft sounds music so well.

Airplanes: Another Michael-lead song which he really made his own. His edgy vocals go hand in hand with the music which has raw vibes and makes you feel like you could just take off with the airplanes, making you feel like you’re on cloud 9. This could definitely be an amazing single.

San Fransisco: This song opens with an acoustic has amazing harmonies and acoustics. It takes a little different direction to the rest of the album but is such a raw song that resembles the sound of Mumford & Sons. It’s a very imagery song which almost plays out  its own music video in our heads.

Outer Space / Carry On: A big song to close the album with the orchestra again and is a two part song with absolutely breath taking harmonies from the boys and lyrics to make you think. Its definitely an adventurous song with the ending just an organ and the boys’ vocals with lyrics we all need to hear at some point in our lives to reassure us everything is going to be okay.

Overall opinion? This is an album we never knew we needed our entire life until now. It sounds good, it feels good. It’s amazing. Go and buy it because you definitely won’t regret it!

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