MP!er Carly reviews ‘All My Secrets’ by Sophie McKenzie she couldn’t put it down.

If you’re looking for a new book to have you hanging on the next page and get your heart racing, then look no further than Sophie McKenzie’s ‘All My Secrets’.

MP!er Carly applied to get a free copy of the book through our You Review section in exchange for an honest review. Wanna know what she said? Well you’re in the right place.

Name: Carly Gilson
Age: 15

Was ‘All My Secrets’ what you anticipated? I wasn’t sure to expect from this book as I have read books by the same author in the past and really enjoyed them however this book doesn’t seem to get very good reviews. When I first started the book I thought it went a bit fast to begin with however when I continued reading it I got really stuck into it, and couldn’t put it down! It surpassed any expectations I had, although at the beginning I found the main character, Evie, slightly annoying and some of decisions didn’t seem to be very practical and childish.

All My SecretsWhat did you think of the cover? I personally loved the cover of this book – I have to admit, I generally do judge a book by its cover and I loved how this one looked. The blurb on the back didn’t give too much information away but at the same time really made you want to read the book.

Which was your favourite character? From the beginning, I found Samuel really intriguing. The fact that he wouldn’t think twice about helping someone even if he was risking himself made my feel like he would be a great person to have in your life, and I also found all of the facts he gave quite interesting!

Did ‘All My Secrets’ keep you guessing? Without a doubt. I never would have expected the ending, and with every twist and turn in the plot I predicted a different finish to the book. It was not at all predictable, and there were lots of surprises!

Would you read more by Sophie McKenzie after ‘All My Secrets’? Definitely. I have read some of her books in the past, but have not read any of her recent books, and with the unpredictable ending, interesting story line and strong characters I will be sure to try some more of her books.

Rating out of 10 8/10 – the boom was excellent and a real page turner, but to begin with I felt Evie was quite childish and the story progressed too quickly; I would have liked a bit longer to know about the main character and to set the scene.

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