‘It keeps you guessing as you flip over another page’ Melissa reviews Sophie McKenzie’s ‘All My Secrets’.

If you’re looking for a new book to have you hanging on the next page and get your heart racing, then look no further than Sophie McKenzie’s ‘All My Secrets’.

MP!er Melissa applied to get a free copy of the book through our You Review section in exchange for an honest review. Wanna know what she said? Well you’re in the right place.

MelissaName: Melissa Butterworth
Age: 19

Was ‘All My Secrets’ what you had anticipated? Definitely not! The title of the book proves that. There are many secrets within this book that just keeps you guessing as you flip over another page.

What did you think of the cover?
I thought the cover of the book was creative. Sometimes a cover of a book can give a lot of the story away. On the other hand this book was different with a simple cover meant none of the mystery of the story was revealed.

Who was your favourite character? Without a doubt Evie Brown. Her story was so absorbing. When reading the story I felt a strong connection to the character as if I knew her.

All My SecretsDid ‘All My Secrets’ keep you guessing? Yes. After every chapter I was guessing as to what may happen next and 9 times out of 10 I was wrong. The thing with this novel is that you never know what’s going to happen as the book is full of hidden surprises.

Would you read more by Sophie McKenzie after ‘All My Secrets’? 100%. I’m already looking into purchasing a second novel by her as the first one was so good.

Rate out of 10. Definitely a rating of 10 is needed for such a gripping novel.

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