Inspired by Sophia Bennett’s ‘Love Song’, here’s five fictional boy bands to fangirl over

Sophia Bennett’s new book ‘Love Song’ follows the story of Nina as she works as an assistant… looking after one of the hottest boy bands, ‘The Point’. Are these four lads well-behaved? What do you think?


We thought it would be fun to celebrate the release of ‘Love Song’ by bringing together some of our favourite fictional boy bands. Ladies, be prepared to wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care because these boys are READY TO ROCK!

1. ‘Simon’s band’ from Cassandra Clare’s ‘The Mortal Instruments’ 

Anyone who has read this series will understand why we’ve simply called it ‘Simon’s band’. In its early days the group simply could not settle on a name. Across the pages it has been called: ‘Sea Vegetable Conspiracy’, ‘Midnight Burrito’, ‘Lawn Chair Crisis’ and ‘Champagne Enema’, to list just a few!


2. ‘Eden’ from ‘Hello, I Love You’ by Katie M. Stout

If you know nothing about the K-Pop culture then this book can act as a light intro (before falling headfirst into an addictive world of catchy songs and polished to perfection boy bands). Set in Korea, the story focuses on American transfer student Grace and Jason, the lead singer in mega successful K-Pop band ‘Eden’.


3. ‘Goldentone’ in ‘Remix’ by Non Pratt

When best mates Kaz and Ruby head off to the Remix festival they can’t wait to see their favourite band ever, ‘Goldentone’. Their fixation on the group, and the lead singer, is what drives much of the action in the story, through all their highs, and lows with heartwarming revelations.


4. ‘The Ruperts’ in ‘Kill the Boyband’ by Goldy Moldavsky

This. Book. Is. Funny. Four superfan BFFs “accidentally” kidnap a member of their all time favourite band, ‘The Ruperts’, and are forced to ask themselves how had it gotten this far. The humour is a little dark, but it’s funny af if you’re that way inclined. Poor Rupert P.

kidnap cat

5. ‘The Band’ in ‘Never Evers’ by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison

Similar to ‘Simon’s band’, these three mates still haven’t settled on a name for their group. Jack, Max and Toddy argue over it while en route to a ski resort and decide whoever kisses a girl first gets to have the final say. No spoilers here, but suggestions bandied around include ‘Psycho Death Squad’, ‘About Time’, and ‘The Parallelograms’. Rock on!

rock on

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