Here’s the reason why Sony is hoping One Direction will stay together. 1D fans are praying too.

1D fans suffered their biggest heartbreak and Simon Cowell was about to jump off of a cliff when Zayn, quite out of the blue, decided to quit One Direction in March.

But, at the same time, we heard the sound of Sony’s bosses hold their breath.

Zayn leaving and starting his new life as “normal 22 years old” could make all the tables turn. Everyone was reassured by the other four members in various interviews and Tweetlongers. Uncle Simon and Sony’s top execs can now breath again, the band is committed to stay together as long as possible.

According to new information from Sony Corp seen by MBW, we bet Sony really wants One Direction to stay together. One Direction albums have consistently been the biggest music money-spinner for Sony’s recorded music business in the past three years.

1D’s fourth studio album, ‘FOUR’ generated more revenue globally than any other Sony release, during 2014 and 2015.

We’re not even surprised, to be honest.

Let’s do a throwback to see once again how important 1 Dizzle are for SYCO and Sony: One Direction’s ‘Midnight Memories’ in 2014 and ‘Take Me Home’ in 2013 were also Sony’s biggest-earners.

No details about their debut album ‘Up All Night’ (2012) but in 2013 it was the third highest-grossing album.

It’s understandable why Sony and everyone related to them in matters of albums and live shows will be hoping the worldwide phenomenon will stay together despite some bumps on the road.

Truth be told is that all these achievements couldn’t have been possible without an important factor: their incredible and loyal fans.

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