8 times pop stars were actually singing about Pokémon

Have you ever listen to the lyrics of songs by your fave artists? Like, really listened?

Sounds like they’re all singing about love, lust, friendships etc. right?


They’re all singing about Pokémon. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these examples:

1) Ari and Snorlax

When Ari sang about being greedy she was actually putting herself in her fave Pokémon’s shoes!

-You're gonna hear me roar.-

2) Selena and Slowpoke

This chilled out duo like nothing better than putting their feet back and feeling the smooth beats wash over them.

-You're gonna hear me roar.-

3) 5SOS and Psyduck

5SOS are kinda jealous of the forgetful Psyduck. That’s why they penned this ballad about what a lucky duck it is to have amnesia.

-You're gonna hear me roar.-

4) Demi and Articuno

Demi’s always loved Articuno’s cold reception. You know how she likes to be cool for the summer? Well she prefers to be ice cold like her Pokéidol.

-You're gonna hear me roar.-

5) Katy Perry and Growlithe

Katy was inspired to write ‘Roar’ when she heard Growlithe’s menacing battle cry. True fact!

-You're gonna hear me roar.-

6) Little Mix and Wobbuffet

Those Mixer girls love it when a Pokémon takes charge, which is why they fell head over heels for Wobbuffet’s salute and named their album after it.

-You're gonna hear me roar.-

7) Ellie and Charmander

A Charmander will die if its tail-flame burns out, so Ellie wrote ‘Burn’ to make people aware of all Charmanders’ precarious plight. Just doing her bit to help.

-You're gonna hear me roar.-

8) Taylor and Jynx

Taylor has always sought to copy Jynx’s flawless look, even going as far as writing ‘Style’ as an ode to the Pokémon’s fashion sense.

-You're gonna hear me roar.-

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Written by David Farrell

David is the Head of Content at Maximum Pop!

Having studied Russian and Spanish at the University of Leeds, David moved to Moscow to work in the education sector. Upon returning to UK soil, David initially immersed himself in the wonderful world of MP! as a music writer.

Now head of all things content, David takes being a music fanboy to a whole new level, and can often be found dancing like there's nobody watching to 'Shout Out To My Ex', obsessing over Lauren Jauregui and defending Taylor Swift's honour.

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