Song-Off: Cher Vs. Miley Cyrus – ‘I Hope You Find It’

As much as we love a good song-off, this is one pop battle we never thought we’d have to write about. We had to double, triple, and even quadruple check what we saw… Cher has covered a Miley Cyrus song (despite slagging her off, not that long ago).

The song in question is Miley’s movie track ‘I Hope You Find It’, and it now is also, bizarrely, Cher’s 83rd single – yes, EIGHTY THIRD!

Now it’s time for you to listen to both versions, and of course read our commentary, and then vote for your favourite in another mighty fine Maximum Pop! Song-Off.

[column width=half][/column]

[column width=half last=true][/column]

[column width=half]Who?: Cher[/column]

[column width=half last=true] Miley Cyrus[/column]

[column width=half]Not to be mistaken for?: Cher Lloyd. This Cher was performing before Ms. Lloyd was born![/column]

[column width=half last=true] Hannah Montana. But she is Hannah Montana so we supposed she could be confused with Hannah Montana but… this is getting confusing.[/column]

[column width=half]Song?: ‘I Hope You Find It'[/column]

[column width=half last=true]’I Hope You Find It'[/column]

[column width=half]Released?: September 24, 2013. Ooh, so it’s out right now![/column]

[column width=half last=true] March 23, 2010. Ooh, so it’s also out right now![/column]

[column width=half]Have I heard it before?: Yes you have, Miley Cyrus recorded it for her 2010 movie ‘The Last Song’.[/column]

[column width=half last=true] No, Miley’s version was first. Well, unless you had never heard of this song until you heard Cher’s version then yes, you will have heard it before.[/column]

[column width=half]About?: The song wishes the artist’s ex all the best in a future relationship, accepting that it was nice while it lasted, but they are happy to move on. It’s all very Adele, isn’t it?[/column]

[column width=half last=true]The song wishes the artist’s ex all the best in a future relationship, accepting that it was nice while it lasted, but they are happy to move on. It’s all very Adele, isn’t it? (Yes we did copy and paste but it’s the same song so that’s allowed)[/column]

[column width=half]Does it have a snazzy lyric video?: Yes, it does! As you can see above this post, Cher’s rendition of the track shows some beautiful calligraphy reading out the lyrics.[/column]

[column width=half last=true] No, it doesn’t. All we could find is a fan made one, as seen above.[/column]

[column width=half]Is it a bit weird?: We have to admit, we did think it was a bit weird when we heard that a sixty-something year old woman was covering a Miley Cyrus single, and it does sound like something we’d send to Eurovision. We even thought it was slightly more strange than Joe McElderry’s rendition of ‘The Climb’![/column]

[column width=half last=true] Although a lot of things that Miley is doing at the moment are very, VERY weird (twerking against Robin Thicke, licking hammers, the list goes on…), this song is an exception. Then again, it was released over three years ago. The song sounds very sweet coming from a 17 year old. Not so much as 67 year old…[/column]

[column width=half]Should I Buy It?: As we’ve mentioned, it is a very lovely song and, although it’s a bit of a strange cover, you wouldn’t even know unless you were a massive Miley fan (or read Maximum Pop!), it’s a lovely pop moment so yes, you should go ahead and buy it.[/column]

[column width=half last=true] There’s no doubt that Cher’s cover will see the original rise back up the charts so feel free to give it a cheeky download if you wish. But if you believe that Miley’s version is a bit dated now then don’t, it is entirely up to you.[/column]

And there you have it! It’s now time for you to decide whether it’s time for Cher to retire and pass her reign down to Miley or whether Ms. Cyrus should step away from the limelight and give Cher her crown back.

Result: A whopping 90% think the original is best! Soz Cher!

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