If you want a fairytale mixed with some gruesomeness Sonam Chainani’s ‘The Last Ever After’ is for you.

With magic, a massive boarding school, and two girls on two very different paths, Soman Chainani’s ‘The School For Good and Evil’ is a must for those of you who love fantasy, fairy tales and Harry Potter.

MP!er Kirsty received a free copy in exchange for an honest review, you can’t shake a stick at that can you?

Name: Kirsty Stanley

School For Good and EvilBefore ‘The Last Ever After’, had you read any other books in this series? If not, was it easy to follow?  I decided once I had my hands on a copy of the ‘Last Ever After’ that I would finally read the whole series all together. I generally won’t start mid series – it just feels wrong somehow. The series linked well and although the first was my favourite I thought the last one was a fitting conclusion.

Can you pick a favourite character? My favourite character is Agatha. The goth girl gone good. Cinderella in this book is great too – very snarky.

Any favourite scenes/moments? I like the scenes on the bridge between the two schools because this is a nice repetition in each book and shows Agatha’s cunning. In this book the concept of evil getting the better of good in old fairyales makes for some gruesome reading.

If you had to choose a song to go perfectly with this book, what would it be? I’m no good at this but maybe Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’. In fact Selena Gomez in the video could be Agatha and Taylor could be Sophie.


What kinds of fans/readers would you recommend this book to? Anyone who likes a good fairytale but doesn’t mind it being subverted a bit. Anyone who has friends that they love but that annoy them too sometimes. People who like their books with illustrations – I had an ARC of the first book but had to buy a proper copy to get all of the illustrations (it was interesting seeing a few in draft form though).

Rate out of 10. 8 out of 10.

Get your copy of ‘The Last Ever After’ here. 

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