‘The message it gives out is so important, be who you are’. Daniel reviews Sonam Chainani’s ‘The Last Ever After’.

With magic, a massive boarding school, and two girls on two very different paths, Soman Chainani’s ‘The School For Good and Evil’ is a must for those of you who love fantasy, fairy tales and Harry Potter.

MP!er Daniel received a free copy in exchange for an honest review, you can’t shake a stick at that can you?

DanielBefore ‘The Last Ever After’, had you read any other books in this series? I had yes. I had read both of the prequels to this series before diving straight into the third and final instalment!

Can you pick a favourite character? Ooh difficult! There are so many characters that have qualities that really make them stand out, but if I had to choose a favourite, I’d probably choose Sophie for the journey she’s gone through. Although at times she could be a bit annoying, in the end she came around and I really enjoyed her story arc over the three books.

School For Good and EvilAny favourite scenes/moments? The ending. Definitely. Although there were many scenes that I thoroughly enjoyed in this book, it’s impossible not to choose the ending. It’s such a powerful close to a book, and the message it gives out is so important. Be who you are. How could I pick anything otherwise?

If you had to choose a song to go perfectly with this book, what would it be? This question was particularly tricky and it took me a long while to scroll through my music collection until I could find one that was wholly appropriate. I wanted a song to match the tempo of this book, but also one that had powerful lyrics that matched perfectly with the messages within this novel. In the end I had to go with ‘Have a Nice Day’ by Bon Jovi. A timeless classic. When looking at the series as a whole it probably matches the entirety better, but especially the ending of this book. I could definitely see this song playing in the background as a certain character made their final choices.

What kinds of fans/readers would you recommend this book to? Anyone who is a fan of fairytales or simply a good old fashioned tale of good vs evil. I can see it being aimed at middle grade more but the messages and themes it highlights are ones that could be appreciated by anyone!

Rate out of 10. I’d say an 8!

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