13 pairs of bookish socks tracked down from your fave #socksunday posts

When an item of clothing is endorsed by a bookish celebrity like Albus Dumbledore (and Dobby), then you know its something to sit up and take note of.

dobby sock

#socksunday has been changing the bookish game one week at a time, and now you can own the fluffy footwear featured in your fave posts ’cause we’ve hunted them down. Lucky!

1. These Edgar Allan Poe-ka dot socks from Out of Print are the perfect pairing to get your classic goth on with:

2. And while these might not be bookish themed, per se, they will match any spooky spine-tingler you’re currently reading. Available on e-Bay, but we like the knee-highs from Living Royal.

3. Alright, so we’d pretty much KILL for these ‘Crooked Kingdom’ socks. However, they’re pretty rare. Made as a promotional item, but who knows? They might pop up somewhere.

4. Library card socks, however, are readily available, and in a multitude of colours to boot! We like these yellow ones from here.

5. Out of Print hit it again with these banned books socks, but they’re also on sale in the British Library shop too. Winning!

6. Alice in Wonder-what? Yes please to these! We found a plethora of different Alice themed socks, so go exploring for the exact pair that suits you. We like these Disney-style ones from Topshop.

7. Be a proud bookworm with these simple, but very effective, sockies.

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8. If you want to show your house pride, then you can get your socks right here. For Hufflepuff:

9. Or Slytherin:

10. Gryffindor roar!

Happy Father's Day to all the rad dads out there! I'm so thankful for mine! And I'm extra thankful for the the father of my children, my husband, my partner in crime, the one who holds my heart, my hand, the one who shares my burdens, my joys, the one who makes doing life fun! ✨ Day 19 of #JuneFantasyChallenge is favorite fictional father. Who else could I choose besides Arthur Weasley?? I mean, come on! He's super devoted to his family; he has principles and convictions and he's willing to fight for them; he (along with Molly) was willing to stand in as a parent figure for Harry; plus he's just a super-fun, cool, all around awesome dad! • While we're talking about dad figures for Harry, I figured we should pay homage to some other great men who stepped up to the plate to be there for Harry… Hagrid, Dumbledore, Sirius, and Remus. And, I think it would be remiss if we didn't include Harry's dad, James Potter, who (along with Lily) gave his life to save his son. Even though he didn't live to see Harry grow up, I like to imagine that he would've been a wonderful father! • A couple of runners up for my fave fictional father that I thought would be worth mentioning are Mr. March from Little Women, and Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird. • Who's your favorite fictional father? ✨ Happy #socksunday! ✨ ❤️ Restricted Section candle by @halfoakcandles ❤️ Until the Very End wooden bookmark by @markedbymary ❤️ Three Broomsticks mug by @cozy.daily ❤️ Gryffindor journal from @barnesandnoble ❤️ Gryffindor pen by @thenoblecollection ❤️ Gryffindor socks from @hottopic ✨ #HarryPotterForever #HPLove . . .

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11. Or Ravenclaw. There’s a sock for everyone. (Even house elves. Especially house elves).

12. Sometimes though, you just need the right pair to go with that space-y, SF read. Welp, these are just the ticket:

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“Even in the future the story begins with once upon a time.” . • • I am positively in love with my candles from @themeltinglibrary ! They could not look or smell more perfect! Scarlet makes me feel like I've buried my face in my Grandpa's tomato plants and I can literally smell the rain in the Cinder candle. How. HOW? These candles are magic! ✨ Not to mention they go with my amazing constellation socks that I found at @modsock while visiting friends this past week at the very tip-top of the Pacific Northwest. 🏔 I am a very happy bibliophile on this lovely #socksunday! 📖 . • • • #thebookferret #books #bookworm #bookstagram #instabooks #booknerd #bibliophile #bookphotography #ferret #digglebear #thelunarchronicles #marissameyer #cinder #scarlet #cress #winter #starsabove #fairest #themeltinglibrary #modsock #socks #constellationsocks #ferretsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #instaferret

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13. And finally, because what else goes better with books, and socks, than bacon?

Nothing, friends. Literally nothing. Bacon socks can be bought here.

Do you have a pair of bookish socks not featured here? Plz do tweet us a pic @maximumpopbooks

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