How social media proved that stars like Camila Cabello and Zoella are flawsome, just like us

Nowadays we take it for granted that our favourite pop stars are human beings. We know the ins and outs of their lives and we enjoy their successes, but also support them when they need it.

This weekend Fifth Harmony‘s Camila Cabello walked off stage mid-performance due to her anxiety issues. Almost immediately the hashtag #PositivityForCamila began trending on Twitter, with thousands of Harmonizers tweeting their support.

From Zoella to Ellie Goulding, it seems like everybody suffers from anxiety these days, but we love them all the more for showing their true colours.


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It’s great that we now have the means to support our stars and we don’t expect them to look flawless 24/7. But, believe it or not, there was a time when pop stars did have to be perfect. A shiny, plastic form of what a human being should be. We watched in awe as they lived the lives we could only dream of, and looked a million dollars while doing it.

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We put them on such a high pedestal that the fall was inevitable really. The pop bands who we loved imploded and cracks appeared. It turned out our pop stars weren’t the untouchable superhumans we all thought. Some of the biggest stars in the world fell further than ever thought possible.

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It was assumed that fans would abandon their favourite pop stars just as easily, but when you’ve supported and idolised someone for such a long time, you never really give up on them.

But how could we show our support for our faves? The voice of fans was drowned out by the press. And then came Twitter…


It took us a while to realise that Twitter was a place where we could really get to know our idols, but then we discovered that this could be a direct line to pop stars and began taking full advantage.

Then came Snapchat. Oh sweet mother of Jesus where do we start with Snapchat?! It brought us even closer to our stars. It’s like they’re talking straight at us. It’s everything a fangirl could want.

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But what was the effect of this feeling of closeness to our idols?

Well, the perfect image of the pop star was completely erased, that’s for sure. Suddenly all the flaws, all the failings were right there for all of us to see. A new generation of pop fans who love their idols flaws and all were born. Pre-existing pop stars had to adapt or risk losing relevance and some did fall by the wayside

But others embraced the change. Beyonce adapted her style with a candid new feminist stance, showcased in singles like “Pretty Hurts” and “Run the World (Girls)”.


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You see, now pop stars have to show their human side in order to survive. We like to see vulnerability. We like to see the struggle. No-one wants to root for a robot.

We care about our pop stars. We are proud of them when they succeed and we take it upon ourselves to pick them up when they’re on the floor.

In the words of Tyra Banks, we are all “flawsome”. This new generation celebrates its flaws as well as those of their chosen idols.


Now we have Twitter, we can help our stars as they help us. There is always the chance that they will read our comment, especially if it trends like #PositivityForCamila.

We couldn’t relate to the stars of old, we just admired from afar. Now we can celebrate pop stars for their shortcomings and their achievements and this is a much better and healthier relationship. Rather than rooting for the winners, we now all get behind the underdogs and that’s why we all love Camila.

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